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Nov 11

I can’t take it anymore. Every time I turn on any news channel the first word I hear is “Trump”. TOTALLY IRRITATING – it’s out of control …


Oct 30

I’m really truly beginning to think that I can’t live on this planet as it is anymore and seeing as I don’t want to take my own life I’m going to have to do something to radically change it.


I’m going to write a post about institutional racism which I have finally begun to experience

What a great day at work today – I didn’t see my boss!

Sept 16

Through time and distance friendship does wane …

Good friends we’ve had & good friends we’ve lost …

Sept 14

Mainstream news channels –  It’s ALL about  what sells.

Sept 10

The unexpected, deeply sad and shocking news of the suicide of the father of one of my kids friends … Here we are grappling to every single thread while he was totally forsaking himself and his only teenage son. I should have punched him in his f****** face the last time I saw him

Sept 9

SKYPE: Since the day it was conceived I’ve always loathed it and it has never failed to delude even and especialy since it was gobbled up by Microsoft! #Stupidf***ks #net2phone

Sept 2

What is wind without trees?  What are trees without wind? #Thankyouboth #Symbiosis

Aug 9

  • Opening the fridge and pulling out a (plastic) bottle of  cold frizzy water (produced insitu) that has undergone micro-filtration and reverse osmosis. Pouring it into a glass and savouring it. Wow! #Enlightment2017
  • Don’t get caught up with the herd
  • Time to start a post about death especially now that being buried coffinless in the ground while giving nourishment to a young tree sapling could actually become reality. What an amazing thought – if everyone was buried in a biodegradable pod with a tree planted upon them …


image source: 

Aug 7

  • Will we reduce the earth to a global desert? “By 2020, 60 million people from sub-Saharan Africa are expected to migrate because ofdesertification.” The Guardian
  • What if for one generation no one had kids? (or just one)

video source: AJ+ with Yara Elmjouie

July 3

  • WTF?! I hope no one tells me to rest in peace on my facebook profile when I’m out of here. Hey – No worries – No one knows your BIRTHday … Who the fuck is gonna know or care about your DIEday?!
  • I don’t remember who told me this – “If you ain’t done it by the time your 50 … Forget it!” I got about 6 months ’till 51. #BettaGetCrackin !

July 2

  • Can you have a mid-life crisis at 50? I guess you can but you gotta live to a ‘undread! … or maybe it just started around 35/40 & just ain’t over yet!
  • So … Let’s Get Real. It’s been forever that I’ve been trying to get off and … so .. let’s make a new “contract” … One day Get on. One day Get off.  (Yesterday by chance was off!) Yahoo! Live for Today! (Actually, with the word “Get” they both sound like great days! 😉 … on 2nd thought … How ’bout two days Gettin’ it on & one day Gettin’ it off ?!
  • FB hit 2 billion users. What idiot said it was just a passing fad? On the other hand individual websites for little guys (like me) inspiring to make their mark on the world are a thing of the past and are going to die out. So? You gotta a solution? Yep!


  • What’s the point of living if we already know the end? And to Gary Wu … don’t think life can be considered as a “piece of cake!”

…  one day it just all starts to Slip Away …

Listening to Joy T. Barnum

June 29

Is there anything better than takeout pizza ?

The best pizzaman in the world … if not the universe! Tony MC

  •  Riddle #1 – How much beer can you suck out of an empty beer bottle?
  •  The best thing about working out in the morning is you’ve got the whole rest of the day to party with a clean conscience! On 2nd thought –  Better to ride that natural high all by itself. Yes! I guess … Really?

June 28

  •  If I were to die tonight I would die with many regrets. All the things that I coulda, shoulda, but didn’t.  How often can you truly say that you’ve lived life to the max?
  • The instant it is done it becomes history. Is there anything more important than history?
  • I used to ‘hook greenys‘ when I was young and as best to my recollection I believe I was proud of it, however disgusting that may be to some of you and also to my current self! Now I hook a greeny and my doctor prescribes me ten days of antibiotics! #HowTimesChange #ForTheBetter or #ForTheWorse ?!

June 26

  • It’s not so difficult to understand why some of us decide to take our own lives. #Whatsthesense ?


  • Make sure that you’ve put everything on the table before signing the contract.


June 17, 

Is there anything more definite than death?


… but you’re gone and sooner or later I will be too. And with me all the memories.

Next time around I’m reading the small print. #Howthehelldidibuyintothis

June 10, 2017

Who wouldn’t have thrown game 4 for $12 million? I’d take into serious consideration doing the same for game 5!


June 8, 2017

My mind says no but my body says yes. Is that even possible?!


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